Four images of the Grand Tetons displayed above couch in modern living room

Explorer Packs

Tell A Story

This is one of my absolute favorite new products. Explorer Packs. I wanted to create a product to display multiple images that tell a story. Something that speaks to the soul of a location. When we travel, often more than one location or memory stays with us when we return home. It can be challenging to pick just one image to hang on your wall. As a photographer, I struggle all the time deciding which of my favorite images will I eventually end up displaying in my home. I also understand my limited edition fine art collection may not be suitable in regards to price or size for all my supporters and collectors. This collection will continue to grow over time featuring both color and black and white images. It will span all 7 continents taking you on a journey across this beautiful planet. 


Paris Black And White


These open edition “Explorer Packs” are my latest addition to my fine art lineup. Each pack contains 4 photographs. They come in 12×12 inch or 24×24 inch squares for a sleek modern clean design. Explorer Packs are acrylic prints, face-mounted to plexiglass with polished edges for a finished look. All images are mounted on DiBond Backing adding depth and rigidity for a sturdy, durable display. All images are also coated with an anti-reflective finish to help reduce glare. As with all my work, a portion of each sale will be donated to an environmental or philanthropy organization working to protect the subjects represented in each Explorer Pack. 


One of my favorite features of the new explorer packs is their versatility in display options. So often we only utilize traditional spaces on our walls for photographs. 5 to 6 feet off the ground. One image. Repeat. Explorer Packs can be displayed in a variety of ways even in those awkward or tight spaces. Bathrooms, hallways, room dividers, bedrooms, kitchens. All of these rooms have tight little spaces we can spice up with art to complement our larger pieces. Split them up. Carry the theme you are going for throughout your house. Place one or two in a downstairs bathroom then the other two upstairs in another. The possibilities are endless.  




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