About Derek

After 20 years behind the lens, Derek Nielsen’s journey to capture, share—and ultimately, help preserve—the fragile beauty of our planet has taken him to more than two dozen countries and every continent.

His stunning photographs don’t just inspire, they connect—linking audiences and resources all over the world to wildlife, landscapes and people in desperate need of assistance, from Rwanda’s endangered silverback gorillas to the overfished waters of Antarctica.

First moved to contribute to global conservation efforts while photographing the ominous splendor of Iceland’s Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, a haunting manifestation of climate change, Derek provides a portion of the proceeds from each of his sustainably framed and matted works to on-the-ground, local conservation efforts, including The Conservation Alliance and Borneo’s The Borneo Project.

A native of Chicago, Derek carries a friendly midwest smile eager for a conversation with strangers. His trusty, energetic and adventurous wife Kelly deserves a lot of credit for her patience while Derek spends sometimes hours composing behind the lens. 

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Photo of Derek on top of mountain
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