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Photography for Change

Derek Nielsen Photography is raising awareness about the global need for conservation through photography, with sales benefiting organizations protecting that which is threatened. Nature. A portion of our sales go directly back to organizations helping to protect the delicate ecosystems represented in the photographs. Read more.

Derek Nielsen is a world-renowned, award-winning photographer, explorer, and conservationist.

His expertise as a large format, fine art producer, mesmerizes his audience and collectors bringing his intimate encounters with wildlife into their living rooms. His carefully selected collection available through this website is the very best of his limited edition photography work.

Working with the best printmakers in the world, every piece from his collection is multi-inspected, digitally signed, numbered and cataloged for value. His highly-sought after work is designed to change the way we think about our changing planet. More about Derek

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Through this website, please click through all the fine art prints located inside his Limited edition galleries pages. You will be provided a high resolution preview of each image. Along with the preview, you will be able to view each fine art print on display inside a home both framed and unframed. Image sizes, medium, and pricing are available for each image. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Derek personally with any questions or concerns. He is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for his customers and collectors. Thank you again for visiting this site and enjoy.

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