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Landscape photography allows us to bring our favorite outdoor locations inside our homes. This online fine art gallery focuses on the breathtaking beauty of our natural world, featuring everything from majestic mountains to lush green forests. Landscapes easily fit into any interior design, adding a calming atmosphere and welcoming you into your home. These large, limited-edition prints from all seven continents make a statement. After spending extensive time in many of the United States National Parks, Derek Nielsen Photography captured many of the most famous landscapes in his award-winning photos.


Landscape Photography

by Derek Nielsen

Thank you for visiting my fine art landscape photography gallery. Nature photography is my life’s calling, using the art craft as a way to help conservation efforts around the world where each photograph was taken. I use my fine art images as a way to inspire people to fall deeper in love with nature while educating audiences on the need to protect it. I truly cherish each of my collectors and appreciate you taking the time to explore this gallery.

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