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Roma Innovation | An Evolution In Fine Art Design

Choosing the correct frame to complete your interior design vision is the final step in turning your home into your fine art gallery. Fine art photography framing has evolved over the years. With a properly mounted, lined, and framed print, you have the ability to give any room in your home a luxury feel. I have hand-selected eight of Roma Moulding’s elegant designs from their catalog to offer as my standard frames. These are handmade in Italy from decades of craftsmanship innovation passed down from generations.

Roma’s commitment to sustainability is why I have chosen them to be my sole provider of custom framing offered through my website.  All frame choices will be recorded after the purchase of your desired print, including your choice of liner. For those who wish to have no frame at all (including the float frame option), simply select the Lumachrome Acrylic option upon checkout and mention it in the order notes next to Billing Details on our checkout page. This option allows our clients to use any custom framing option they desire post-delivery.

image of various Roma Frames Derek Nielsen Photography sells with his fine art photography

Fine Art Photography Framing Options

Roma Ramino Satin Black

Smooth, Clean, Elegant. Often, less is more. With the clean lines and finish of Ramino Satin Black, you let the image do the work inside the frame. The Ramino collection beautifully highlights the trends that have dominated the world of interior design for the past decade by fusing contemporary profiles with traditional finishes. The end result is a look that is fresh, current, and distinctly Roma.

Roma Lavo Jet Black

Taking the simple black frame to the next level of style. This sophisticated statement piece is sure to catch your attention in any room. The Lavo moulding collection brings old-world French design to its most modern edge. A fusion of traditional carvings enveloped in a high gloss lacquer with sumptuous colors, controlled, blended, and applied by Italian master craftsmen.

Roma Arber Dark walnut

The natural beauty of Arber takes you to a cozy wooden cabin deep in the woods, where you are fully embraced by what nature has to offer. Mellow hues, from dark charcoal to roasted chestnut, offer true beauty and character. Arber has the glowing beauty and warm feeling that only handcrafted quality moldings can create.

Roma Tabacchino Dark Ash

image of a full moon rising over Antarctica with a whale jumping displayed in a dark wood Roma frame sitting on the steps to a building

(Limited edition luxury fine art photographic print of 100 – The Emotions Of Antarctica – Derek Nielsen Photography)

My most popular frame to date. This merging of modern sophistication accentuates most interior design needs. The detailed texture of the “piuma di ulivo” is achieved through various hand applications, thus preserving the warmth and beauty of the unique aged by nature’s elements that roll across the hills of the Tuscan countryside.

Roma Tabacchino Cigar leaf

Mirroring the elegance of the aforementioned “Dark Ash” moulding, this provides even warmer temperatures bringing a true-to-life feel of the wood’s natural beauty.

Roma Tabacchino Tobacco Leaf

Taking our brown tones one step even warmer, this moulding glows with radiant sunlight like an untouched forest during sunrise. The day’s golden hour is captured in time, lighting the photograph with a warm hue.

Roma Ramino Titanium Silver

Modern luxury at its finest. This sleek, elegant frame brings class in a timeless worldly design perfect for black and white or color fine art prints. Its veneer finish glows in direct sunlight or with a spotlight at night, catching your eye from any angle. The Ramino collection beautifully highlights the trends that have dominated the world of interior design for the past decade by fusing contemporary profiles with traditional finishes. The result is a look that is fresh, current, and distinctly Roma.

Roma Arber White

To complete our modern luxury fine art framing offerings, our Arber White selection will pop against the new interior design trends of muted grey walls or cooler tones. Light will subtly dance off the contours, drawing your attention and that of your guest deep inside the story of the fine art print within.

Roma Rear Mounted Float Frame

This is the option for those seeking the ultra-modern look of your fine art photography print floating magically off the wall with no external frame. Our easy-to-hang option will help with reducing the cost of external framing.

Large black and white panoramic image of the Chicago river downtown Chicago at night with all the bridges up

Roma Moulding | Handcrafted In Italy

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been familiar with the term “Made in Italy” as an indicator of quality. “Made In Italy” is synonymous with brands like Gucci, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, and Panerai. With artists like Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. These titans of their respective realms leave no doubt in their collectors’ minds that they are getting a top-of-the-line product. It is of the utmost importance to me that my collectors have that same experience. Luxury Fine Art Photography is not just a term or a buzzword. It’s a commitment from me to my collectors that every frame is handmade by skilled artisans in the heart of Italy using centuries of skill and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. I promise you will feel the difference. 

Top 5 reasons to use custom fine art photography framing

  1. To give your luxury fine art photographic print a completely polished feel as if it were hanging in a museum.
  2. Protect your investment from the elements and ourselves
  3. Custom framing is as unique to your style as the rest of your home’s decor. Express yourself!
  4. Let the frame compliment the artwork inside, highlighting the best features and bringing the artwork to life.
  5. Add depth and detention to your work, allowing the viewer to walk inside the print.

Choosing the correct custom frame

Coming to a final decision on custom framing can seem daunting.  If you are having a hard time deciding, I offer digital mockups to help you see what a given frame with its print will look like in your home. How it works – Send me a digital image of the space where your fine art photograph will be displayed, and I will digitally place the final product on your wall to help you see exactly how it will look.

For people less familiar with fine art, know that the frame and liner can always be changed down the road. Trends change. People move. What once worked in your previous space may no longer make sense. Any of my luxury fine art photographs can be taken to a trusted custom framer, and a new frame can be applied.

side by side comparison of two luxury fine art photography framing styles

To frame or not to frame?

Regardless of your choice, rest assured the quality of the fine art photographic print will wow your guests for years to come. Each image passes a thorough inspection by our expert printers before shipping. Please feel free to explore my gallery at your own pace. Art is subjective and should speak to you. If nothing speaks to you at the moment, I am continually updating my work as I travel the world, raising awareness for conservation. Join our collector’s suite for travel stories and fine art releases. I take great pride in my work and reputation as a fine art photographer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly through my contact page.

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