Derek Nielsen Photography

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Derek Nielsen Photography was founded in 2020 with the mission to bring conservation-driven fine art photography to a global audience. Passion for saving the environment is the driving motivation for our unique business model, where we give back at least 10% of profits from each sale to an environmental organization, philanthropic organization, or local charity aiding in local conservation efforts.  After traveling the world for years photographing both natural wonders and the destruction of our planet (like the deforestation shown here) our founder Derek Nielsen formed Derek Nielsen Photography to bring awareness and provide resources to those driving conservation programs on-the-ground.

comparison of forest and deforested land

Through our relationships, Derek Nielsen Photography has been able to support sustainable tourism, wildlife protection programs, environmental government lobbying efforts, climate change coalitions, local education programs, and sustainable business initiatives.

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Our donation recipients are hand-selected Alliances, NGOs, and societies who are supporting or carrying out grass-roots environmental initiatives or education platforms around the world. We thoroughly vet each organization for efficiency standards. Together we can make a real difference.