To provide my collectors with accurate chronology, each piece is signed and numbered digitally before shipping. A matching hand signed certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately from the artwork. Each certificate of authenticity will also have a bubble code security hologram attached, with a matching security hologram place on the back of the artwork. Having this digital signature and security code process in place ensures your investment will be accurately cataloged for confidence in value. 


I offer 1 Artist Proof for each image in a series. All Artist Proofs are printed on our top of the line Lumachrome Acrylic printing processes printed at 36″, 48” or 60”. Because of the special nature of this print they are also customizable with extended framing options to meet your interior design needs. Contact us directly for details. The print itself will be signed with Artist Proof (AP) 1 of 1 accompanied by a hand written letter from the artist describing the artwork. As the collection of this images sells out the value of the Artist Proof will increase at a higher rate then the rest of the collection because of its rarity. If you are interested in purchasing an Artist Proof please contact us and we will send you an invoice separately. Each Artist Proof requires an investment of $7500 regardless of print size.


First Prints (FP) will be numbered 1/100 or 1/50. As with all our artwork the First Print will be digitally signed, accompanied by a hologramed certificate of authenticity and cataloged for security of your investment. First Prints will be will be removed from the collection to be sold separately either as the last image sold in a collection or as an investment during the collection’s existence. Like Artist Proofs, First Prints are rarer than the rest of the collection carrying an added value for the investor. The First Print can be printed at all sizes we offer. First Prints will carry a $2000 investment above the collection’s standard prints because of their rare nature.

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