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The Calming Power Of Blue Fine Art Photography

Here, you will find a collection of images focusing on the color blue. This soothing color can be found frequently in nature on a grand scale, but other than the rich tones of an afternoon sunny sky or the hypnotizing waves of a tropical ocean, it can be hard to spot. Its rarity gives blue a precious quality. Ancient civilizations revered blue flowers or stones such as Lapis lazuli by the Egyptians. Being one of the three primary colors makes it easy to pair with other colors in interior design. Eighth-century Chinese artists used cobalt blue to color fine porcelain jars and vases. Some of Earth’s most rare and precious gems are blue, such as Tanzanite and Sapphire. Because so many people love this color, it is described as a familiar, nonthreatening color that invokes a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace. Surveys show it is a favorite color among both men and women, making it the most popular color in the spectrum.

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