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Red & Orange

Red & Orange

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Passion Of Red And Orange

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Red and orange are the dominant colors found in the images in this gallery. Red is associated with passion, love, heat, and excitement. The color orange symbolizes warmth and enthusiasm. Orange increases oxygen to the brain, increasing mental activity and creativity, while red causes increased metabolism, increased heart rate, and spikes in energy levels.

Red For Interior Design

Red is a color that should be used sparingly in Feng Shui-conscious design. It can work great as an accent to other colors, such as the use in throw pillows or wall art, but it will certainly grab attention. Pair red with cooler colors like blue or purple for a dynamic effect. In darker rooms, red pops as an element of light, warmth, and adventure.

Orange For Interior Design

Orange is considered a fire element in Feng Shui, like red. This color should be used consciously due to its energetic properties. Green, tan, and brown are great colors to pair with orange. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are the best rooms in a home to use orange because they are in the center of your home and are thought to deliver abundance.

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