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Morning Mist



Morning Mist


San Juan Island, 2023


Limited edition fine art print of 1 – While filming a wildlife documentary in the Pacific Northwest, I took the morning to explore the western shore of San Juan Island in the morning mist. The cool morning air and fog reluctantly burnt off by each ray of sunshine. The type of visibility that gives sailors nightmares only added to the beauty unfolding before me. I am making this my first one-of-one print ever sold because these rare combinations of elements make nature extraordinary. I want its collector to enjoy the rarity of this moment with a rare print, knowing it will be the only one the world will ever see. I’m not comparing this to the Mona Lisa or any Picasso, but what makes so many of them priceless is that there is only one of a given painting the world will ever see. They are protected in world-class museums for eternity. This is what the collector of Morning Mist brings home—a one-of-a-kind. I will print it in any size up to 40 x 60 and work with the collector to find the perfect frame for their display. Photo © copyright by Derek Nielsen.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 3 × 32 in
Print Edition

Artist Proof

Print Finish

Framed Lumachrome HD Fine Art Acrylic, Lumachrome HD Fine Art Acrylic

Print Size

32×48, 40×60