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Rwanda 2022


This image was from my first experience trekking chimpanzees through the jungle near the border of the Congo in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park. The morning started out like most jungle treks go, hot and humid. Our goal was to find the group of chimpanzees while they were out searching for food in the morning. After an hour of intense climbing up and down the slippery damp forest hills, we finally found the group. Like most wildlife in nature, they were very uncertain of our presence. We gave them the space they sought while they got used to us. Intelligent primates look at you in a very different way than your typical animal. A dog or cat will look at you with the look of love, a zebra a concerned stare, but intelligent primates will look at you with the gaze of…” what is your intention”? It didn’t take long for the troop to see we meant no harm. They went about their business foraging the forest floor. I will never forget how incredible it felt to look into the eyes of a wild chimpanzee. Limited edition fine art print of 6. Photo © copyright Derek Nielsen Photography. 

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