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Large framed photo of Bryce Canyon National Park displayed above couch in living room of luxury home

Luxury fine art photography is a phrase I strongly stand behind. For my collectors. For my art. For my brand. But what exactly is luxury fine art photography? We all know certain luxury brands when it comes to clothing (Louis Vuitton), cars (Mercedes Benz), or even hotels (Ritz Carlton). Most of these brands separate themselves from the industry outside their high price tag because they provide a complete experience for their customers from start to finish. I sell art that can carry a high price tag, but what I want all my collectors to feel is the same attention to detail and the same level of customer service, whether they are buying a $400 piece of art or a $4,000 piece of art. How do I deliver on my luxury promise?

(Sass – Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Print of 6 – Derek Nielsen Photography)

The luxury fine art photography product.

 If the product is average, points 2 and 3 won’t matter. You can’t sell a Timex at a Rolex price tag just because you’re nice to people. It starts with my equipment. I shoot RAW uncompressed digital files with the most up-to-date photography equipment available on the market. has been my go-to source for renting the latest equipment for any given photo shoot. (No, I don’t work with or for them)(Yet). With the fast-paced turnover of today’s technology, I decided to rent all my camera gear for my photography trips. This way, I can be certain I use the best equipment to capture my images. 


Photograph of large Canon 600mm lens attached to professional camera on a tripod

For my entire collection, I offer only the highest quality printed products available on the market today. I will start with my framed and unframed Lumachrome High Definition TruLife Acrylic. I decided to work with Nevada Art Printers because the first time I saw their product, I knew it was special. It’s hard to describe people’s reaction to seeing their prints for the first time. I was dying to see my work printed with them once I saw their product. Never have I been disappointed. 

large framed image of waterfall in a canyon

(Divine Calm – Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Print of 50 – Derek Nielsen Photography)

The framed version comes with white, black, or cream matting with a variety of framing options from our handmade Italian Roma frames. I chose Roma because they promise to only use wood from active reforestation programs. Both options are museum quality, but the framed option provides a more finished luxury look. 

Originality in luxury fine art.

Who wants to buy a copy of a copy of a copy? Not me, and collectors don’t either. In today’s world of Instagram, it is becoming harder to be an original. I seldom find myself traveling to the most popular destinations just to recreate a shot that has been photographed 1,000,000 times. If I do, I try to go when I know something will be different. As a result, in the above image, ice had formed on the suspended ladder. This only happens a fraction of the time and separates it from the standard shot of these particular falls. Another trick you won’t see me doing is selling out an edition, returning to the same location, grabbing the same composition, slapping on a different name, and selling a new “limited edition” print. I’ve seen this recently with a few photographers who regularly photograph the Japanese Maple Garden in Portland and a few other locations.

Ethics in the art business.

I had a teacher from a class I took out in Seattle, Washington, give a two-day class on “The Business Of Nature Photography.” He basically built his whole business copying famous photographer Peter Lik’s work while privately trashing the guy in his class. That was the first sign I should have asked for my money back. He taught us the importance of SEO when his biggest accomplishment of SEO was attaching his name to Peter every place he could, to the point Peter had to trademark his name after several cease-and-desist attempts. Art should come from the heart and soul, not driven by greed and jealousy. There is nothing wrong with making money doing what you love and selling your art. It’s best to do it with originality and integrity. 

The world is a big place. I won’t steer you in the direction of believing you are buying a unique piece of art from me and then capturing it again and again to make a profit.

Customer relationship when selling fine art photography.

This can easily be placed first on the list because it’s that important to me. I want my customers to trust me. Trust the product. Trust what I stand for. I won’t cut corners to save money, leaving my collectors unhappy. We have all been treated poorly by a company representative at some point in our lives. That simply won’t happen here. 


“Seriously amazing work! The picture is amazing, as is the story behind Derek’s work and the thought that goes into each picture. It makes it that much more meaningful having his work hanging in our house, and such a great focal talking point! Absolutely recommend!” – Lauren R.


I want you to feel like a friend or family who can reach me at any time. Someone who takes pride in owning a piece from my collection as much as I take pride in capturing it. Not only will you receive a beautiful print for your home, but you will also be happy to know it goes to support a great cause. I donate at least 10% of all my profits to conservation or philanthropy organizations around the world. 

These organizations are hand-selected to represent the work. They are so important to protect this planet. This commitment to these organizations is an example of how passionate I am about nature. 

What is Luxury Fine Art Photography? 

Large framed photo of a full moon and trees displayed above a couch in a luxury home

(Yellowstone Rising – Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Print of 50 – Derek Nielsen Photography)

Luxury fine art photography is photography that not only is produced at the highest quality but also makes you proud. Rare and Original. It makes you want to show it off as a shiny new sports car. Makes you fall in love with a cause greater than yourself. It’s knowing the artist has integrity and will be there for you. Simply, not just a picture on a wall. It’s a representation of who you are.

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