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Bring home some of the industry’s best nature photography

Why should you buy from my studio? This is a valid question. Now that everyone has a decent camera on their phone, humans take more pictures every second than we did in the entire first 100 years of photography. And experts estimate we’ll take a staggering 1.4 trillion photos this year aloneObviously, not all these photos will be put up for sale, but even if a tiny fraction of them wind up on the marketplace that leaves you with an awful lot of options.

So, back to the original question: why choose Derek Nielsen Photography for your next portrait, landscape or animal photography purchase? Three big reasons:

1. You’re guaranteed a quality product 

We obsess about the quality of our image. In fact, we put our reputation on the line for it. And one of the main differences between amature work versus Derek Nielsen photography is the detail-driven quality given to a photograph.

For instance, while you don’t need to invest in incredibly expensive equipment to produce the best nature photography or collector-level animal photography, you do need to be razor sharp with your skills. This is especially true if you want to blow works up to large sizes. On average, a photo taken from an iPhone maxes out at 21×14 inches before you begin to sacrifice quality. My dedication to quality is why I only use high-end, professional digital cameras, clean, sharp lenses and a stable tripod. 

For all my large trips the last few years I rented the Canon 5DS R along with some of the best lenses Canon has to offer. The Canon 5DS R is a 50.6 megapixel camera with a 150,000 pixel RGB+IR metering system. This combination of powerful camera with outstanding lenses has allowed me to print images over 40×60 inches with razor sharp detail from edge to edge. 

My equipment, and the knowledge of how to use it properly, has resulted in some of the best nature photography you’ll find—works of art proudly displayed in homes and businesses around the globe. 

Beyond the equipment and talent required to capture an original image, if you want to provide photography clients with truly exceptional art pieces, you need another skill set entirely: print expertise. That’s why Derek Nielsen photography partners with Nevada Art Printers as our exclusive production company for our highest-quality digital artwork. Nevada Art Printers’ staff of master-level printmakers boasts more than 19 years of expertise in craft, including those of master photographer Robert Park. (Fun fact: World-renowned photographer Art Wolfe used Park’s mastery-level skills to help him with his New York and Las Vegas gallery displays). 

2. You can count on personalized service

Black and white photo of bridges in Chicago up displayed above a couch in a modern luxury home

I love what I do. My passion to create the best nature photography also drives my desire to provide my clients with a unique, seamless experience—a process I’m always working on and refining. That’s why, with Derek Nielsen photography, you will always work directly with me (the artist). Your experience will never be driven by pushy sales associates or disinterested gallery staff. 

The human-to-human interactions involved in this work, including getting to know my customers, what they like or dislike, what excites them, etc., is also one of my favorite aspects of this industry. And without you, our mission to support environmental and philanthropic organizations around the world through proceeds from our portraits, environmental and animal photography simply would not be possible. That’s why I am available to answer any questions my collectors may have, all seven days of the week. 

For projects exceeding $30,000, I will personally fly out to your home or office to discuss sizing, framing options and layout. After your artwork goes through production, I will fly out a second time to oversee installment. Effortlessly enjoy your new collection without ever breaking a sweat. 

For smaller projects, you’ll receive the same level of attention and commitment on a remote basis. I will provide digital mockups of your space to give you an exact feel for how your new favorite photograph will look in your home, and am happy to help arrange local installation, if needed.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions. I will communicate with you as much or as little as you need to ensure I meet your expectations from project start to finish. 

3. You’ll feel great about helping animals, places and people in need 

With each of my works—whether it’s animal photography, a landscape or a portrait—I want to transport my collectors, to convey how it felt to be there in the moment the image was captured. I believe the best nature photography, and really the best photographs in general, make you feel at least a bit of what the photographer felt, whether that’s the heart-pounding adrenaline of being face to face with a silverback gorilla or the elation of hiking through the dark of night to make it to a mountaintop by sunrise. But I also want my photographs to do more than capture a moment in time. I want them to help make sure those moments, places, creatures and cultures last. 

Throughout my time traveling to all seven continents, I’ve noticed that not only does our environment need help, so do the people who spend their lives working to defend it. At Derek Nielsen Photography, we’re driven by our passion to deliver this help through our art. That’s why we link relevant conservation and philanthropic organizations to each of our photographs, and give them a portion of every sale

Every decision and move made by Derek Nielsen Photography is grounded in our values:


Art is something we use to decorate our homes and offices, but I feel it can be more than that. I want to ignite imaginations, while cultivating emotional connections. 

Integrity and Ethics

As an ethical fine art wildlife conservation photographer, you have my guarantee that I will never disturb wildlife to obtain a shot. I never put animals, the environment or others in harm’s way. Wild animals are not props. All the wildlife depicted in my works was photographed free from captivity. You also have my promise that my art is truth — a direct capture of the moment. In other words, I will not add in elements (like a non-existent moon). 


I believe the wildlife, landscapes, cultures and people depicted in each of my photographs deserves respect and an equal right to cohabitate this beautiful planet we call home. 

Save the world: Proudly display the best nature photography 

Images of Derek Nielsen photography displayed in an art gallery in Manhattan New York

I know my collectors have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing animal photography, landscapes and other fine art to display in their homes and offices. That’s why I strive to continually deliver much more than just artwork

Derek Nielsen Photography provides the best nature photography experience possible: a conservation-driven, customer-service-minded, fine art gallery on a mission to save this planet. Photography for change is happening, and buying your next piece of artwork from Derek Niesel Photography is your chance to join the movement.

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